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Bill of Materials (BOM) Software Systems

MasterControl's Bill of Materials Systems are designed by industry practitioner for automating the BOM process in any organization. A BOM system is the crux of any quality and compliance process. It is a regulatory requirement that FDA / global regulatory inspectors and ISO auditors consider critical. An automated BOM system reduces audit time and findings, and a decreases risk of product recalls. It improves product quality and safety, increases customer satisfaction, and ensures FDA and ISO compliance.

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Discover how MasterControl Bill of Materials Software Systems can manage your BOM process, all while mitigating risk, improving speed-to-market, and generating ROI.


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Get in-depth, comprehensive resources to guide development of your BOM Software program

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  • The MasterControl quality management system (QMS) delivers a wide range of software solutions for quality management, document control, product lifecycle management, supplier management, audit management, training management, and more based on your business needs. This overview demonstration shows how MasterControl's QMS eliminates waste, simplifies audits, and facilitates compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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Get insider information about the most relevant issues in BOM today, and how to navigate and overcome the complexities of FDA and ISO Regulations.

  • Make sure you are getting what you paid for. Find out how to distinguish the difference between best-of-breed and multipurpose tools and the six critical areas that a fully integrated quality management system must address.
  • Learn how to identify, correct and prevent problems that plague weak CAPA systems as well a seven distinct procedures that can insure compliance with FDA and ISO requirements.
  • Learn how to identify, correct and prevent problems that plague weak CAPA systems as well a seven distinct procedures that can insure compliance with FDA and ISO requirements.
  • Learn the number one item cited by the FDA in 483s and warning letters. And why poor investigation techniques only identify superficial symptoms rather than root cases.

How Can MasterControl's BOM Software Systems help you?


BOM Obstacles

MasterControl BOM™ Software Solutions

Inefficient and Mistake-Prone BOM System:


Efficient, Integrated BOM System

The BOM software system from MasterControl controls all BOM iterations generated during the design process and enables users to exchange BOM data with suppliers. All departments get an updated, accurate view of revision levels of every component in their particular configurations. Documents defining components are easily viewed from the BOM, ensuring that the right documents and revisions are used in manufacturing.

Poor Supply Chain Communication:


Connected BOM Processes:

マスターコントロールの部品表ソフトウェアは、追跡可能かつ安全で、即時の電子コミュニケーションを提供します。BOM管理ソフトウェアは 文書管理 システムと連携するため、処理中の変更は購入者/計画者によって迅速に確認されます。これにより、コストのかかるミスを回避することが出来ます。変更が承認及び伝達されると、サプライチェーンの全関係者が責任を持って対処します。

Ineffective Collaborations:


Effective Collaborations:


Unpredictable Costs:


Predictable Costs:



Revision Control: Each BOM is stored on a separate MasterControl InfoCard, allowing multiple revisions to be approved and used for reference. BOMs can be sent on collaboration routes from the BOM management software, allowing users to redline and propose changes without affecting the approved version.

Familiar Structure: MasterControl's bill of materials system provides a configurable yet consistent approach to creating, viewing and handling BOMs. Users already accustomed to working with BOMs will be able to effortlessly organize product data using a familiar tool. Any BOM may also be copied by MasterControl to be used as the basis for new BOMs.

Auto-update: BOM systems by MasterControl automatically update with new revisions of component InfoCards, creating a new instance of the BOM in the process.

In Sync: MasterControl keeps engineering BOM data synchronized with manufacturing BOMs by enabling integration with ERP systems and providing BOM control. Different teams or departments can all have access to BOMs throughout the design process.

PDX (Product Data eXchange) Files: The PDX file format, an industry standard, allows users to share product data with design and manufacturing partners that do not have direct access to the MasterControl system, simplifying supply chain communications.

Establish Connections and Track Changes: The 'where-used' feature displays exactly where a part is used across multiple BOMs, permitting users to determine the impact of a single part change and updating subsequent changes where needed. Assembly or sub-assembly InfoCards can be readily located in the MasterControl's bill of materials system so users are aware of parts under construction and sub-assemblies to which particular components belong.

Bulk Replace: A single part used in many locations can be replaced simultaneously by using MasterControl's BOM software to select assemblies to be updated, components to be substituted or components that require new revisions.

PDM Connector: BOMs can be created or edited manually or through PDM interfaces like MasterControl's PDM connectors. MasterControl can take a BOM from a PDM solution and keep all the hierarchal relationships intact.

BOM Views: MasterControl offers three unique methods of viewing BOMs:

  1. The Indented (Hierarchical) View features dynamic navigation and display of all the structures and sub-structures of a BOM. The same part may be displayed multiple times if it is included in multiple sub-assemblies. The indented view of the bill of materials software also gives access to all documentation associated with each component, including metadata.
  2. In the Summarized (Flat) View each part is displayed just once in a list, allowing the user to view the total quantity of each part required and rolled up costs.
  3. Comparison View makes it possible to view the differences between two versions of the same BOM system record, showing additions, deletions and modifications.

BOM Management View Actions: MasterControl's bill of materials software also provides the capability to view files associated with any item from the BOM (CAD drawings, manufacturing procedures, inspection plans, etc.) as well as point-in-time views of exact BOM configurations in effect with specific revisions. MasterControl can also add documents and non-geometric parts (grease, labels, etc.) to BOMs.

Advanced Analytics Exporting: New where-used reports are created for all single parts and assemblies to show every occurrence of a given item number's utilization. Hyperlinks within the reports connect to associated BOM management records in the system. Users can also configure how data is exported and synchronized with ERP systems via the MasterControl API Toolkit™.


BOMソフトウェアシステム の詳細については、 マスターコントロールの担当者 にお問い合わせください。

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